Your FT/coFT will assign your locker. 

DOs and DONTs
  • Do Not disclose the code to anyone.
  • Do maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your locker.
  • Do leave your Learning Device in your locker during recess, sports & wellness programme or when not in use. 
  • Do Not leave your learning device unattended even in locked classroom.
  • Always exercise Respect and Responsibility at all times (we are after all members of a larger SST community)
  • Exercise your choices wisely or you have to face the consequences of your actions.
  • When you encounter any problems do report to General Office at appropriate times. The officer will only activate your locker at designated times.

i) Locker Allocation
  • Each student has been assigned a locker which is located outside each classroom.
  • If the locker is faulty, please inform the Estate Department.

(iii) General Code of Conduct Regarding the Use of Lockers
  • Students are responsible for safekeeping their personal belongings at all times. They should not leave their personal belongings unattended.
  • Students should use their lockers to store books, their learning device and other equipment.
  • Students are responsible to ensure that their lockers are well-maintained i.e. kept locked, clean and in order at all times.
  • Students are advised to lock their learning devices and valuables when they leave the classroom for their breaks, S&W classes or any other activities.
  • Lockers are the property of the school and as such may be subjected to search by the school authorities at any time. Should reasonable suspicion warrant it, the school authorities may open and search students lockers without permission.
  • At the end of each semester, lockers must be cleaned out
  • Students who abuse/misuse their lockers will have their rights reviewed and possibly the use of lockers terminated.
  • Should they encounter any problems with lockers they should report to Operation Manager.

(iv) Keeping the learning device in the locker
  • Students are advised to take extra care when storing their learning device in the lockers.
  • Before putting the learning device into the locker, please ensure that the device is properly secured and kept in a protective covering (e.g. Macbook sleeve). Do check that the laptop sleeve or pouch is properly zipped so that the device would not fall out or slip out easily.
  • Do not try to cramp the learning device into the locker when the locker is too packed. The force exerted might cause the screen to crack.
  • Students are advised to place the learning device vertically so as to reduce the possibility of exerting too much pressure on the device.
  • Avoid placing the learning device horizontally. Do not place heavy items such as textbooks on the device. This might cause the screen to crack.

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