Wednesday, 29 January 2014

2014 Lunar New Year Celebrations

Date    : 30 JAN (THURSDAY)                
Time  0800-0845
VenueClassrooms / Blk C

1.      Classroom Decoration and Spring Cleaning
2.      Prepare LNY greeting cards for SST Staff (hand made card)
3.      Post LNY greetings/e-cards on class blog

I/Cs: Class Committee

Details of Classroom Decoration and Spring-cleaning

1 Decorations are allowed only within the classroom.
2 Double-sided or scotch tape are NOT allowed for sticking decorations on the wall.
3 Only blu-tac is allowed for sticking decorations on the wall.
4 The class is encouraged to use recycle materials.
5 Please do a spring-cleaning after the decoration and keep the class neat and tidy.
The total budget for the Lunar New Year decorations should not exceed $10.

Details of making Lunar New Year cards

1)      Every class will create a Chinese New Year Card each for:
(a) Form Teacher
(b) Co-Form Teacher
(c)  One staff from SST (The name of the staff that is assigned to the class can be found in ANNEX A)

2)      Conventions in writing the Chinese New Year Card:
a.     The Name of the Recipient  (Please address them as Mr, Mdm, Ms)
b.     Sender (Please include your class)
c.      Well Wishes in both Chinese and English.
3)      Class Representatives (EXCO of the class, Chair person, Vice Chair person, Secretary and Treasurer) are to give the cards and mandarin oranges to their Form Teacher and Co-Form teacher during the Grand Finale of the Concert.
         If the staff is not present in the hall, EXCO members will deliver the cards and
         mandarin oranges after the concert.

         Please send 2 Class representatives to General Office to collect the mandarin
         oranges before proceeding to MPH before 7:20 am.

4)       Every class are to provide their own materials for making the Lunar New Year Card. The maximum size of the card is A4.

Details of  Designation Blessing Card in Classblog

1)       Bring your learning device on the 30 Jan (Thurs).
2)       Design your New Year e-card and post it on your respective class blog.

Free e-card:

Lunar New Year Concert Schedule
7:20-7:50        : Morning Assembly
8:00-8:45        : Classroom Decoration/Spring Cleaning and Lunar New
                           Year Card making / E-card creating.
8:50-9:00        : All staff & students to be seated at MPH
10:00               : End of Concert

1)Class Representatives are to assemble outside ISH to collect the mandarin oranges before proceeding to MPH at 9:00a.m.

2)If class fails to send out the blessing cards and mandarin oranges, please return the mandarin oranges to G.O and put the blessing cards in the box labelled "blessing cards" in the G.O.

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